Disneyland Chaperones AND SPONSOR

Your Chaperones And Sponsor For Disneyland

The list of chaperones is growing and will increase based on numbers attending. Each chaperone has a criminal records check and extensive background in working with kids and or adults.

Steve Swaddling
I attend Cedar Grove Baptist Church and have been a youth pastor, bus driver, grocery store clerk, and currently am employed as a teacher. I have been working around youth all my life and currently direct a week of junior high summer camp at Anvil Island's Daybreak Point Bible Camp. I have been organizing Disneyland Adventure trips and have sponsored over 20 summer trips from 1 week to 3 week adventures all over the US and Canada.
John O'Neal

John O'Neal attends The Village Church and has been involved in working with kids for 30 plus years. He volunteers at Anvil Island, Awana and coaches soccer in the community where he lives. He is a former Telus manager and has worked on School Board as a Trustee and has served in his community for many years. He is the encourager and the man with the GPS on our trip. He keeps the whole trip organized. Proud grandfather of 3 grandkids.

Bonnie O'Neal

Bonnie is the lovely wife of John O'Neal and attends The Village Church with her husband. She volunteers at Anvil Island and has been involved in raising their two children Sarah and Hayden. Both grown up and on their own now. Proud grandmother of 3 grandkids!

Additional Chaperones Will Be Added.

Are you over 18 and interested in chaperoning. Contact Steve.

Sponsored By Cedar Grove Baptist Church: Surrey, BC
Our sponsor is a local church in Surrey whose vision is To Love God, Love Each Other, and Love Those Yet to Know God. They offer programs from birth to seniors and have a tremendous influence in the community. With programs for children, teens, those with addictions, the homeless, and those who just need a place to feel loved and connected.

Check them out at www.the-grove.net and see what they offer that you might find helpful in your own family and life.

Why do we have a sponsor?
A sponsor ensures that we are following someone's protocols for travel and for working with kids. Our sponsor ensures that those acting as chaperones have been checked and approved as appropriate for working and traveling with kids. They ensure that proper plans and safety considerations have been thought about.

Cedar Grove church is NOT responsible in any way for the trip, they simply ensure we are following proper protocols when working with children and teens. They will not be held responsible for anything that occurs on the trip and each attendee is responsible for carrying their own travel and trip insurance.